About Velo By East West Bank App

Velo by East West Bank® is a brand new way to access premium U.S. banking products and services offered by East West Bank. From managing your bank accounts to transferring funds, Velo lets you manage your banking needs on the go - in English or Chinese.

Project Overview:

Nowadays, tech-savvy customers are not willing to wait for a long time to open a bank account, and it is painful to stay on the line for hours to wait for a customer representative to answer the call. The financial institutions must ensure that the digital onboarding is seamless to gain a competitive edge. Velo by East West bank wants to create a fast and easy onboarding experience to open the new tech-savvy generation's target. As a product designer, I planned to design the new onboarding journey.


How might we help our customers to have a seamless onboarding experience?


By interviewing with our target audience, we analyze their pain points of opening a bank account. Generally, there are three methods of opening a bank account:

Going to the branch:

Pro: The customers can ask the banker questions in person.
Con: Wait for a long time.

Over the phone:

Pro: Customers can interact with the customer representative over the phone.
Con: Wait for a long time to have the phone answered and can not visually see the documentation.


Pro: Customers can open the account at their convenient time.
Con: Customers do not feel safe to enter personal information, and the banking terminology is confusing.


Our customers desire to open the bank account digitally. If we can provide a design solution for customers onboard digitally without confusing terminologies, overwhelmed forms and give a sense of security, our customers will save time to onboard with us.

Project Goal:

The goal for this project is to have the users digitally onboard seamlessly without any stress and confusion.

Design Process:

  1. Research
  2. User Flow
  3. Design Solution
  4. Prototype & User Testing
  5. Interaction Design
  6. UI Design & Deliverables
  • Role:
    Lead Product Designer
  • Duration:
    10 Months
  • Language:
    English and Chinese
  • View Live:


Heuristics Evaluation & Individual Interviews:

After we defined the project goal, we reviewed some digital banking onboarding processes. We did a detailed heuristic evaluation of Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Ally Bank, and Chime. For this evaluation, we have applied the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design by Jacskon Nielsen.

Key Findings:

One-on-one discussion with the users enables us to get detailed information about a users' attitudes, desires, and experience. We interviewed participants under our target audience to learn about them and discuss the pain points of their current banking app. This experience helps us define our persona.


After interviewing with our target audience, I have a solid understanding of our user needs and their pain points. Creating a persona will help to understand the user's needs, experience, behaviors, and goals.

Empathy Map Illustration:

Once we know the type of users we are targeting, we create the user empathy map. An empathy map is an illustration that helps design thinkers to understand their customer’s day to day activities clearly.

Project Goals:

In the design thinking process, considering the user needs and the business needs are both important. We have identified the core goals and pain points for both business and end-users. This step helped us find solutions to decrease the gap between business and end-users to satisfy both parties.

User Flow

After we cleared the project goals, the next step is to understand the requirements, and then we created the flow of the onboarding process. We started with the rough whiteboard exercise, then create a detailed flow.


Using the information above, the team started to ideate the solutions. We came up with two design solutions: conventional form design and chatbot conversational design. We created the mock-up to analyze the pros and cons of each design solution from the experience’s perspective, and then, we discussed with the engineers about the feasibility for each solution under the tight timeline.

Conventional Form Solution

Conversational Chatbot Solution

Hypothesis Statement:

We believe that the chatbot design solution for people who want to open a bank account online will have a smooth and trustworthy experience.
We will know this is true when we see our users complete the onboarding process without stress.

Prototype & User Testing:

To test our hypothesis, we divided our participants into two groups. Group A participants will onboard the conventional form solution using the prototype I coded with HTML/CSS/JavaScript. The group B participants will experience the conversational chatbot solution using the prototype I created with Principle.

Key Findings:

Per this testing, our hypothesis is true. The users reacted to the conversational chatbot solution better. Our next testing will focus on the detail of the chatbot style. We interviewed with 5 participants to walk through the chatbot onboarding process and collect their feedback on the design.

Interaction Design

The interaction is essential in delivering this chatbot experience. The goal is to eliminating the actions and efforts from the users to complete this onboarding process.

  • Trigger:
  • When we need the users to enter information
  • Rules
  • Keyboard slide up
  • Feedback
  • Typed text appears on the input field

  • Trigger:
  • When we need the users to select from the options we provide
  • Rules
  • Selected radio button turns bright blue
  • Feedback
  • The selected options show on the answer chatbot

  • Trigger:
  • When we need the users to review the application
  • Rules
  • The Scrollable bar shows on the right
  • Feedback
  • The long application form scrolls for the users to review

UI Design & Deliverables:

After we decide to go with the conversational chat solution for this release, it's time to deliver the high-fidelity design. We spent two weeks to discover the design style of the chatbot. After the team is satisfied with the design, we uploaded the pixel perfect design to Zeplin for the enginers to make it live.

Chatbot UI Guide

Review Screens

Next Step

The onboarding product is critical in this app, and we were challenged to having a new way to onboard our customers. In the end, we were able to create something intuitive and straightforward that would help our users to open a bank account digitally without feeling unsafe and confusing. This project isn’t end, but this is a good start to have our customers to experience a new way to open a bank account. We will continue getting user feedback and improve this experience.